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Area One Events is proud to present GOOPSTEPPA, FOOTPRINTS, & SHINY THINGS at Spirit Bar in Nelson. Friday February 13. Tickets are $5 at the door which opens at 10pm so get there early and beat the rush. So much talent for such a reasonable price.

goopsteppaGoopsteppa is Montreal raised Producer/Dj/Artist Alex E.
Fascinated by music, arts and their effects on people from an early age, he was introduced to Djing and electronic music culture in 2007.
After many years of performing as a DJ, he started releasing his own musical creations in the early spring of 2013, making an instant impression on the scene with his blend of futuristic melodic bass music, subversive soundscapes, captivating beats and surreal textures.
This lead to an appearance on Seattle based Mycelium Music, followed by releases on the Luminosity Project winter solstice compilation and an EP on bay area’s Street Ritual Records(not to mention many free releases on SoundCloud!).
After appearing at various events last summer throughout western canada, as well as Austin, Texas and at Burning Man’s Fractal Planet, he started developing a name for himself and a network of friends, fellow artists and promoters.

Footprints. A well respected DJ, events and festival producer. His selections are diverse – Delivering many flavours of deep music: mid tempo, psychedelic dub, hiphop, and house. When he’s not audio bombing music lovers with his particular selection of vibey well thought-out bass music; or planning the next big event; he’s most likely taking in the outdoors on a board or travelling somewhere new. He’s been playing shows across Western Canada for 10+ years (formerly B-RON), and lapping the festival circuit of BC from the Koots to the north coast. Footprints set up shop in Nelson of the West Kootenays, runs AreaOne Events, Kamp Festival and heads The Grove stage at Shambhala Music Festival.

shinythingsSHINY THINGS come from dirty places: rolling in rave dust since childhood, the colorful vibes awoken during prepubescent trips in the desert have transmuted into some of the future weird of today. From the interior groves of the west coast, this one’s a contributor; when not on stage you’ll find him on the floor, with glistening wits and moves for days. Selections all with good taste, these hyphy but paced, futuristic but deeply rooted psychedelic sounds are pleasantly hype at all hours.

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